Adams Headwear Extreme Hat With Neck Veil

Adams extreme breathable fishing style hatAmazon buttonThis great hat is not just stylish, it is available in several colors and is sure to offer you optimal protection against the suns rays. It provides full neck protection and comes standard with UPF – 45 UV protection.


  • UPF 45 Protection –  This fabric will prevent the harmful suns rays from reaching your delicate skin.
  • Large screen eyelets – These offer great airflow and keep you cool on the water on the long hot sunny days.
  • Foam visor – This thick foam material will keep your hat afloat in case it inevitably finds its way into the water.
  • 8.5″ neck veil – This will protect your neck and ears from the suns damaging rays. It also includes a patented hidden zipper.
  • One size fits all – This fishing hat comes in a one size fits all style because of it’s easily adjustable back.
  • Terry sweatband and breathable mesh liner – These are exactly what you need to keep your face dry and your head cool during your intense fishing expeditions.
  • 6 color options – You are sure to find a color to suit your needs in this versatile hat, because it is offered in several colors that are not typically available in hats made for fishing. Color options include: Olive, red, white, blue, stone and khaki colors.
  • Elastic cord that attaches to your shirt – This cord is a little extra insurance against losing your hat in heavy winds. This is not a common feature found in most hats in this category, but it is surely welcome! Ths cord attaches to your hat and then you clip it on to the collar of your shirt. If your hat happens to be blown off, you won’t have to go chasing it around the river to recover it.
  • Highly rated – it’s unanimous! This hat has received great reviews and is a great seller all over the internet.

Could you Benefit from this Hat?

Heck yes! If you are a frequent fisherman, golfer or spend a lot of time outdoors this hat s practically a must have. With all of is great features that are not usually found in fishing hats, you could certainly find something to love about this headwear. From it’s elastic cord that will keep it in your possession, to the variety of color options this hat will be a hit with all anglers. This outdoor attire offers excellent breath ability, full neck protection and a UV protected fabric that will keep your skin out of the sun. This is a fine hat to buy for your summer time fishing excursions and it comes at a great, very reasonable price that we can all agree on.

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