Fly Fishing Hats

Any hat found on this website would work well as a fly fishing hat, but here are a few special one’s that would also make great apparel for your head on the trout stream.

Patagonia Sun Booney Hat

Patagonia sun booney fly fishing hatI can’t find a bad review of this hat anywhere on the internet. The only complaint available is that it has a very steep price tag. As with all Patagonia gear you can expect this booney hat to hold up very well and meet or exceed any expectations you might have had.


  • A well ventilated top
  • Drawstring chin strap
  • Patagonia embroidered logo on the front
  • Top notch quality

Orvis Packable Felt Hat

Orvis packable felt fly fishing hatThis great looking hat would make any fly fisherman look good. Usually when you buy a nice looking felt hat you have to be overly concerned about crushing it and packing it away for those fishing trips. not with this one! This packable hat can be rolled, crushed, stuffed or anything else you can imagine and it will hold it’s shape. All fly fisherman tend to be a little extra tough on gear because of the often very remote areas we fish. But you will have no trouble storing this hat in the back of your fly vest to pull it out when you reach your out of the way fishing area. This hat has been specially treated for water resistance which we all know is very important to keeping your head dry. This is made out of a specific type of wool that gives it the crush proof nature and it’s ability to remain water repellent.

This Orvis fly fishing hat is available in 3 different colors and is sure to keep you looking like you know what you are doing on the river. Even if you can’t fish that good, there is nothing stopping you from looking good!

The Orvis packable felt hat has a 5 star rating all around so don’t hesitate to indulge yourself on this stunning find.

Insect Proof Beekeeper Hat

Insect proof hat would be great for fly fishing in remote areasWhile lacking the flare and style of the 2 previously mentioned hats, this one sure is practical in a lot of fly fishing situations. Try going to Alaska on a remote fly in fishing excursion and tell me whether or not you regret not bringing this hat along. There is no doubt that fly fisherman have a knack for fishing in areas that have way too many bugs, but that’s the name of the game. If there aren’t a lot of bugs around, frankly your fishing is not likely to be that good. So you can either buy a can of insect repellent (it will cost more than this hat) or you can pack this cheap insurance policy in the back of your fishing vest and thank me later.


As I mentioned above, this website is filled with great options that are more than suitable hats for fly fishing. You can have a look around and I am sure you will find something that will suit your needs if none of the above options are quite what you are looking for.


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