Funny Fishing Hats

Some of these hats are not exactly practical for fishing purposes, but they sure are funny! If you are looking to make a splash on the water, or just to impress your buddies, these funny fishing hats are sure to delight!

Umbrella Hat

Funny umbrella fishing hatOK, this hat is sort of practical. This umbrella is sure to keep most of your body dry while wearing it in the rain, but don’t expect to get too many compliments on it. I can imagine it being a little tough to keep on your head in a serious rain storm that involves a lot of wind, but you are certainly going to turn some heads! Wearing this as a fly fishing hat is probably not too practical either, because it might get in the way of your casting unless you are good at the side arm cast.

The Noggin Net

Noggin net - funny fishing hat boxThis thing is just plain awesome! I was fortunate enough to get this from my sister last year for Christmas. If you are looking for a seriously funny box to put a serious gift inside of, this is just what you need! This is not a real hat, but the box itself it what makes it so great. Inside of this box you place your actual gift, but when the gift receiver opens up the wrapping paper and sees this, the look on their face is bound to be priceless.

The back side of the noggin net box - a seriously funny hat for the fisherman in your familyFlair Hair Hat

Flair hair - super funny fishing visorThis stunning piece is sure to grab the attention of the nearby fisherman. It is a visor with a nice puffy patch of hair popping out of the top. This would be an especially funny gift to give to a fisherman on your shopping list that doesn’t have any hair at all. Imagine how great your bald husband or father would look with the flair hair funny fishing hat on his head!

Kavu Chillba Hat

Kavu funny fishing asian style hatThis super sweet hat does in fact turn heads on the river, I have seen it with my own eyes! I am a fishing guide and I have a client who comes once per year who owns this hat. He told me a funny story about when he bought it, it goes something like this: He walked into the store and was immediately delighted to see this hat on the shelf. There was only one left and it had been there for literally years! As he eyed up this hat the employees of the store gathered around and watched closely, they were all astonished that the final day of this hat being in their store might have finally came. As he made his final decision to purchase this hat out of the dozens of others on the shelf, he began walking toward the cash register. That’s when it happened, the employees who by this point were in full blown shock and awe mode literally began cheering. The many years of this seemingly undesirable funny fishing hat being on the shelf had finally come to an end.

This hat really is practical as it blocks the sun well, stays put nicely and it really is a head turner (if you are looking for attention). I do recommend this hat to anyone who wants a great hat with an unusual look.


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