Khaki Sun Cap with Neck Flap

Kaki flap cap fishing hatAmazon buttonOutdoor activities will be memorable and fun if you are equipped with essential belongings to secure you from various factors. Aside from shoes, sunglasses and gloves, cap is also very important. It secures you from UVA rays and other elements. Flap cap is an important equipment you have to consider when planning for camping, fishing and hiking adventure, and when it comes to flap cap, Khaki Sun Cap with Flap is among the best choices.

Product Description

The Khaki Sun Flap cup is ideal for camping, hiking adventure and other outdoor activities. Made from the combination of high quality cotton and is perfect to take along on your fishing trips, providing all the security of much bigger hats, without the needed extra inches.

Product Features

Featuring a five paneled circlet with breathable brass mesh lined holes for complete ventilation and air circulation to your head. Worry no more about heating up your head, as this will keep you cool. Boasting three inches long pre-curved bill and seven inches long fabric neck, this offer you with a shield against sun rays. This fishing hat offers the ultimate protection from the sun with a stylish modern look.
Incorporated with easy to adjust flexible closure with knob, this allows you to have the ideal fit you need for your specific activity. Stress free to pack virtually anywhere and lightweight makes this flap cap the best trip and vacation cap. This will not disappoint you. This is accessible in various colors such as Desert Camouflage, Khaki, Gray, Olive, Safari Camouflage as well as New Desert.

Other notable features of Khaki Sun Cap with Flap

• The crown comes with five panels, with 7 inches long fabric flap
• Made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton
• The pre-curved bill measures three inches long
• 1 size with flexible closure fit up to extra large

The flap cup fit well a little bit of space to spare. This also appropriate for those with 7-1/2 hat size.
It comes with adjustor outside and in the rear.
The flap or the curtain in its rear covers the neck and ears and falls below your shoulder.
It doesn’t interfere with marginal vision and the curtain doesn’t pull or drag at the cap if you turn your head and could be tucked up in the crown.
Made of high quality fabric with four screened vents in the sides
The bill seven inches wide and reaches 3 inches from forehead to the tip of the bill.


• The perfect cap for boating, hiking, gardening, biking and other outdoor adventures
• Made of high quality materials and last for longer period of time
• Comes at a very reasonable price
• Secure you from harmful ultra violet rays and other elements


In general, the construction of this fishing hat is outstanding. Seems are double stitched and tape, the curtain is hemmed. The flap firmly enough which stays firmly and stands strong winds, aside from protecting your ears and neck from damaging sun rays, it also secures you from mosquitoes and flies. This flap cap received lots of positive reviews and high rating in various online reviews.
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