Simms Solar Sombrero

Simms Solar SombreroAmazon buttonSimms is one of the leading manufacturers of various kinds of hats. You are assured that all their hat products are made of 100 percent high quality products in order to provide comfort and safety and at the same time last longer. Today, Simms is happy to announce their newest product, the Solar Sombrero. This review will tell you why the Solar Sombrero captured the attention of hat lovers.

Who could buy/ benefits with this product?

If you are looking for a fishing hat with neck protection, the Simms Solar Sombrero is the best product to purchase. This fishing hat from Simms will assist you protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays, strong wind, ice and snow and rain as well. This is also the best hat for fishing.

Product Description

The state of the art Solar Sombrero from Simms is made with one hundred percent Superlight weight nylon with remarkable HT Teflon treatment and at the same time comes with wide brim. It is equipped with UPF 50 plus sun protection in order to keep your neck and head free from sun burn. This is a one size fits all fishing hat.

Product Features

The advance Simms Solar Sombrero is equipped with essential features that make this product stand out from the rest. Some exciting features incorporated take account of the following:
• UPF 50 plus sun protection
• Bucket design with large brim for complete coverage
• This remarkable fishing hat with neck support comes with adjustable and removable chin strap
• It comes with easy fit flexible sweatband

Pros of Solar Sombrero

Once you ask an angler about the best types and brands of fishing hat, you will like get a sort of different answer. However, in various online reviews online, the Solar Sombrero is the top option because of many benefits it provides.
• The large brim protects your face and your neck from sun burn
• It comes with easy to adjust chin strap
• It protects you from UV rays, and the chin strap helps the hat stay in your head during strong wind.
• Reasonable and made of high quality materials
• Very fashionable and available in various colors

Customer Reviews and Scores

Solar Sombrero reviews show that this fishing hat is really exceptional and apart from other kinds of hats available out there. In Amazon review, this hat gets lots of positive reviews to many customers and received high rating as well. Out of 12 customers, 10 of them rated the product with five stars and two customers gave 4 stars with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is really exceptional.

Where to buy?

Solar Sombrero is available in various stores online. You can have this product on Amazon store at a very reasonable price.


Hat must be a very significant part of individual’s in the protection against sunrays and other elements. The Solar Sombrero is a reliable fishing hat armed with essential features, making this a good buddy when fishing or doing any outdoor activities.
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